“You Know Who You Are”

I think my heart is too small.  Not physically.  Metaphorically.  Spiritually.  Whatever you want to call it. When you have touched me in such a way that I say to you, “I love you,” then you have somehow reached that part of me that acknowledges you as a person, a spirit that I want to keep close to me somehow.

It means that you can call on me for anything.  Anytime.  I can be your best friend.  Your father or grandfather or your bff or …, however our connection is best or most appropriate.  It’s a 24/7/365 commitment whether you are really aware of it or not.  We can work out the details as we go.  It doesn’t matter to me.  You may not even understand.  Sometimes it takes me by surprise.  Often it does.  Suddenly here is a person who just seems to be a very special part of my life.

We can go for days, weeks, months, years without seeing one another and nothing has changed about the way I feel about you except that I am immediately aware that I have missed you when I see you again.  You may be surprised by the hug you get that feels like a bone crushing, rib cracking cocoon, and I’ll look at you clear to your essence.  It may be uncomfortable both physically and emotionally and you’ll be confused, unless you understand.

I don’t get it sometimes myself.  I just go with what I feel.  And I’ve missed you.

Because I love you.

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