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I only know one way to love—unconditionally. I just don’t understand any other way. What is love if there are conditions? “Like”? “Fair weather friendship”? Can’t do it. I can’t help myself from admitting it, either, if I love someone. … Continue reading

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“Happy New Year”

The uniformed officer had made his first round of the building. The back door was locked. The front entrance doors were closed, but he could still faintly hear the sacred music of the festivities within. Seemed funny to be having … Continue reading

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“Weathering Stone”

Once I walked beside a mountain stream and stopped to gather up a rock that caught my eye as it flashed in the cold edge of melting snow. Its blackness seemed to hold the void of space and time.   … Continue reading

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He was surprised to see me sitting in his recliner in the living room when he got home from work, especially since his wife, my daughter, wasn’t there. She is supposed to be here to greet him and have supper … Continue reading

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Don’t light your candle at both ends.  Light a fuse!  –DrDan 09/02/14

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