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“Lest We Forget” (05/23/2010)

I wrote the first version of this essay a few years before it became the memoir I have for you here. Although it is embellished a bit—literary license—it’s essentially all true.  Since 2010 more names have been added.  Some should be … Continue reading

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“Fallen Angels”

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with new ideas for writing.  One of the “exercises” I have found interesting and often fruitful is to write the “story” behind a visual or musical inspiration.  What work of art strikes … Continue reading

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“Compose Yourself”

My life’s calendar has been that of schools since I was five years old.  Even in retirement it hasn’t changed much.  As a former teacher, this is still an important time of the year for me. I have former students graduating—from … Continue reading

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