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I have often told my students (in the past; retirement is fun!), that the best (and probably the only real cure for Writer’s Block) is just WRITE!  I think there’s more to it, however, when you aren’t really blocked, but … Continue reading

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“I See You”

I think the first time was very brief. The fall killed me soon after. Rushing in at the huge, hairy beast, trying to goad him over the killing cliff, I dodged a flailing trunk and myself went over the edge … Continue reading

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“By the Mark—Twain!”*

Although the final destination is well know, I had no charts to guide me as I pushed my little raft into the current of my life. I didn’t need the stars except as marvels to contemplate and stir imagination. Each … Continue reading

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“Bounded in a Nutshell”

I had the pleasure of reading to and speaking with a high school creative writing class this week. I really do enjoy the interaction with these kids and helping them to understand and appreciate creativity and expression. I have been … Continue reading

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“Summer Hiatus”

The last few months have been very productive for me as I’ve attempted to write something Monday through Friday to post to my blog and my Facebook “Author’s Page.”  It was a challenge at times to come up with something.  … Continue reading

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Get your copy!!

Remember that my book of poetry is available online from Amazon and  In Omaha you can get a copy at The Bookworm in Countryside Village or at The Pizza Shoppe in Benson (where 100% of the proceeds go to … Continue reading

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I think it’s most likely that as long as humans have had conscious thought, the ability to wonder, we have questioned the possibility of an afterlife. Every religion and most philosophies with which I am acquainted speak of it. Paths … Continue reading

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