For the last couple of weeks I’ve been posting adages/witticisms/questions to my Facebook “author page” (Facebook.com/danieljcoxauthor).  I decided I’d start posting here, as well, so here’s a “catch up” post.

You are the reflection in the mirror of my soul. DrDan 03/22/14

Find your passion. It will bring your greatest joy and your greatest pain, but you cannot know one without the other. DrDan 03/23/14

There are no blank pages in the book of your life, but the story becomes more interesting when you’re the one doing the writing.   DrDan 03/24/14

When you love, give it everything—heart, thought, deed. Otherwise, it’s just practice. DrDan 03/25/14

If someone else has to tell you the difference between Good and Evil, you have bigger problems. DrDan 03/26/14

“Just” is not the same as “Legal,” for too often laws are made by the unjust. DrDan 03/27/14

Let your good deeds be the tattoo you display to the world. DrDan 03/28/14

Truth is like mountain air: clear, clean, bright…and rare. DrDan 03/29/14

If the world is to end in fire, let me be the spark, not the tinder. DrDan 03/30/14

Common Sense is the thumb we keep in the dyke of our embarrassment. Too often we pull it out to take a drink. DrDan 03/31/14

When do you stop trying to climb the mountain? When you realize you’re climbing the wrong one. DrDan 04/01/14

Ever notice the route of the road up a mountain? What makes you think you can waltz straight to the top of yours? DrDan 04/02/14

I was going through some old papers and discovered this witticism I penned in June of 1967: “Absence makes the heart go wander.” DrDan 04/03/14

It’s better to be in Drive than Neutral. DrDan 04/04/14

Good leaders and good batteries are always in charge and always positive. DrDan 04/05/14

“Let it be.” Unless you want it to change. Then you have to get up and do something. DrDan 04/06/14

Boredom is the loss of wonder. Find the “new” in each moment. Find the child you were. DrDan 04/07/14

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