“Summer Hiatus”

The last few months have been very productive for me as I’ve attempted to write something Monday through Friday to post to my blog and my Facebook “Author’s Page.”  It was a challenge at times to come up with something.  Other times I got on a roll and could hardly stay away from the keyboard.  I learned about myself as a writer, and I learned about myself as a person.  It’s been nice to hear from some of you, as well, about what I’ve written.

The last weekend seems to have been the unofficial start of summer here in Omaha.  The weather has taken a turn from our cool spring to more typical warmth.  That means I’ve spent much more time outdoors either working in my yard or, Sunday in particular, watching my grandsons play baseball and my granddaughter grow.  I’m headed out for a quick camping trip today.

What this means is that I am going to tell my editor (me) that I’m going on vacation.  When something strikes me or the clouds roll in and the wind and rain drive me back inside, then I’ll write.  I might even perch myself on my deck or a camp chair with my laptop and get in a few words.  That’s going to be the schedule for a while.  I’ll let you know when you can find more of these ramblings here so you can see what I have to say (or avoid me all together).

Enjoy your time in the sun, as well.


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