“Home Again”

After so much loss in 2013, memories make the new year and the continued chronicles of my life a parade of daily reminiscences.  Sometimes I find myself laughing through my tears.  I have been fortunate in my misfortunes because the past from which my future grows is the fertile soil of so much love from so many wonderful people.  Although the following poem was written many years ago and in tribute to my mother, I know my sons gained similar strengths from the arms that nurtured them.  I hope everyone shares this love.  Happy Mother’s Day.

Home Again

Too many summers and winters, springs and falls

      keep me away from the flour,

      and Band-Aids, proud smiles, and reproaches

when my heart calls.

I can’t just cry and know that any hour

      there’ll be the warm arms, companion tears,

      and always the knowing “It’ll be alright; you can do it”

      to ease my terrible doubts and fears.

The many falls and summers, springs and winters

      have taught me that I can and will

      make the best of my life because of hers,

      but there are the days and nights

      I need her still.

When I can go no more on my own strength

      and the arms I want to lean on can be no other’s,

      I run away to my memories and, at length,

      find the peace and the hope I always received

      from my mother.

                                                                                                Daniel J. Cox


                                                                                                 from Dandelions & Other Flowers

                                                                                                © Daniel J. Cox, 2014

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