“Holly and Ivy”

Heart explosion


It spills and splatters

on everyone


Holly and berry

Generations past and present



Across the spine of leaves


and present

inked in thorny verdance

Blood courses




Pass it on

pass it on

Within the green


Within the blood


The seasons turn

and remain

the same

Daniel J. Cox


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2 Responses to “Holly and Ivy”

  1. drdancox says:

    This sucks that it won’t put in the correct formatting!

    • Alexis Tolliver says:

      Dr. Cox,
      Have you ever thought about, when uploading poems or any stylistic work, using a google document or a word document? Therefore, you could insert a link visible to all users and it would be correctly styled to your desire. Nice poem, by the way! 🙂

      Alexis Tolliver

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