“It’s a Man’s World”

In the last month I decided to purchase a vacation home in Summit County, Colorado. On-line I viewed properties and contacted a real estate agency. A woman (whose name I can’t remember) at Slifer, Smith and Frampton put me in touch with Tonia, who works out of the agency’s office at Keystone ski resort. I flew out in early April and Tonia spent almost two days showing me properties that might interest me. I selected one and began the process.

My friends and advisors at Merrill Lynch here in Omaha—Kandiss, Peggy, and Dan—assured me that we could make this happen since my late wife, Nancy, left me financially independent in my sudden retirement. A woman in Des Moines (whose name also escapes me at the moment) and Eric (a number cruncher with Bank of America) tried to make a mortgage loan happen through Bank of America. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. Tonia put me in touch with Darlena and Aimee at Colorado Bank and Trust in Breckenridge. They’re more in tune with resort properties and were quite accommodating. John made sure of the appropriate numbers and interest rates even while attending a conference in another city.

Approximately one month after I started the process, I sat down with Darlena and Aimee and Tonia and signed the papers to make this dream come true. I am now the very happy owner of a vacation home at my favorite ski resort and summer paradise.

One thing that occurred to me as I sat and signed my name over and over on the loan and purchase document the other day is that throughout this process, I have been treated cordially and professionally and with the kind of concern and care that comes from people who genuinely wanted to make me happy. Now I not only have a great condo as a second home in one of my favorite places on earth but good friends who feel like family I have known forever.

Look back through that list of names. As I did, you may realize that those who truly made this happen are all women. They’re relatively young (OK, I’m old), but they’re all quite expert at what they do, very intelligent, and provide the kind of attention to detail and genuine care for their clients that I think I could only expect from people who are care givers.

It may be “a man’s world,” but that’s only because women like these several are taking care of us. I have been lucky in my life due to the many, many wonderful women who have been such a generous part of my life, from my mother to my wife to my “daughters” and people like these on whom I have relied to guide me and care for me and ease me through it all. Thanks, ladies. I see you.

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