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I    give it back to the backs Who carried me I    Stand with                 You or    I can not                Stand Castle                Hovel                            Forest glen Call         Arrows                of hope Of promise                Truth Home    Let fly 03-29-2022

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“Citius, Altius, Fortius—Communiter”

I’ve always been a fan of the Olympics.  Watching the world’s best athletes push the limits of human achievement in sports is thrilling.  Throughout my own life I have tested myself physically.  As a teen I participated in the local swim team and … Continue reading

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“I Still Hear the Bells”

Sometimes when I wake up late at night, I can smell pine trees and fresh snowfall. I look out the window and the stars are like streetlights, lining the avenues of my imagination. In the chorus of the wind, I … Continue reading

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“Not Relevant Anymore”

I was born in December of 1950 and grew up in small towns in northwest Missouri. My family for generations were people who had been farmers, owners of small shops, and in service occupations. My grandparents made ends meet as … Continue reading

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“Happy New Year”

The uniformed officer had made his first round of the building. The back door was locked. The front entrance doors were closed, but he could still faintly hear the sacred music of the festivities within. Seemed funny to be having … Continue reading

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He was surprised to see me sitting in his recliner in the living room when he got home from work, especially since his wife, my daughter, wasn’t there. She is supposed to be here to greet him and have supper … Continue reading

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“Rocky Mountain High”

My writers group spent a few minutes with a prompt last night. One of the participants explained (and had pictures) that she had recently been hiking in the mountains and came upon a startlingly clean pair of men’s white underwear … Continue reading

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“Whiskey Kisses”

It really wasn’t all that far from the barstool to the floor. Still, it took him longer to get there than he thought it might. On the way down he had given up on all the chances of climbing back … Continue reading

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“It’s a Man’s World”

In the last month I decided to purchase a vacation home in Summit County, Colorado. On-line I viewed properties and contacted a real estate agency. A woman (whose name I can’t remember) at Slifer, Smith and Frampton put me in … Continue reading

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Today’s Observation

If you’re going to text while driving, cover all your bases and just write “bye.”  DrDan 05/02/14

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