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“I Still Hear the Bells”

Sometimes when I wake up late at night, I can smell pine trees and fresh snowfall. I look out the window and the stars are like streetlights, lining the avenues of my imagination. In the chorus of the wind, I … Continue reading

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“Weathering Stone”

Once I walked beside a mountain stream and stopped to gather up a rock that caught my eye as it flashed in the cold edge of melting snow. Its blackness seemed to hold the void of space and time.   … Continue reading

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“Glory’s Promise”

Roy stood on the hillside and looked out over the gold-green field of waving blue stem and buffalo grass dotted with the rusty backs of his small herd of Herefords. The spring calves had been few, but there were calves. … Continue reading

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“I See You”

I think the first time was very brief. The fall killed me soon after. Rushing in at the huge, hairy beast, trying to goad him over the killing cliff, I dodged a flailing trunk and myself went over the edge … Continue reading

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“By the Mark—Twain!”*

Although the final destination is well know, I had no charts to guide me as I pushed my little raft into the current of my life. I didn’t need the stars except as marvels to contemplate and stir imagination. Each … Continue reading

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“The Death of Alone”

His hand shook as he put the cold key in the ignition. The engine thundered with startled horses. That deep echo rolled off the concrete canyons and harmonized with the ringing in his ears left by the explosion of the … Continue reading

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“Quiet Thunder”

This seemed appropriate after last night’s stormy weather.  My wife always said she just liked “quiet thunder.”  Made me think in more ways than one of those of us who live in the Midwest. “Quiet Thunder” Comfortable and secure on … Continue reading

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