“The State of Our Union”

Here is my perspective today…

Almost three years ago we decided to ally our separate states and form a more perfect union. We took up arms against our discord, grief, anguish, and sorrow and vowed to one another to govern our lives with peace and love and mutual support.

In this short time our individual natures have grown and flourished. We have solved health care issues. Our economy is safe and secure. Dependents have also found stability and happiness and their futures and ours look bright.

Affiliated friends of our union seem to approve of their continued association and we share mutual admiration and support for one another. The harmony within our borders shines a beneficial light on life in general.

We do not anticipate aggression from any quarter. We endeavor to improve our physical health in order to enjoy the benefits of life and society and stave off attacks of illness. Through wise administration and oversight, our economic wellbeing satisfies all our needs and allows for not only those necessities but pleasant luxuries, as well.

Our “open arms” policy allows the free immigration of new friends and acquaintances who continue to benefit our state. We learn from them, grow from knowing them, and have even received life-affirming and physical improvement from our association with some of them. There are no walls between us.

A secure infrastructure and sound fiscal policies allow us to plan for a future of continued peace and love and exciting adventures. We hope to reach out and explore new territories, to reach beyond what we have known and experiment in the arts, science, technology, and travel, and grow in our relationships with our dependents and all those allied with us.

The future is bright. We awake each day anticipating joy, depending on one another’s love and support, and embracing whatever life brings us because we meet every challenge, face every obstacle, and celebrate every success in our state of perfect union.

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