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“The State of Our Union”

Here is my perspective today… Almost three years ago we decided to ally our separate states and form a more perfect union. We took up arms against our discord, grief, anguish, and sorrow and vowed to one another to govern … Continue reading

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“Once There Was a Zoo—A Fable”

Once there was a zoo. People like zoos. They like to watch the animals and reptiles and fish and birds and get to know about the animals that inhabit our world. This particular zoo, however, was special. It had only … Continue reading

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“March On!”

Today was the “Second Annual” Women’s March. I’ve seen photos of HUUUGGE crowds all across the country. Some news outlets are describing these as protests of President Trump and the current administration and their policies. I am quite aware that … Continue reading

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I have often told my students (in the past; retirement is fun!), that the best (and probably the only real cure for Writer’s Block) is just WRITE!  I think there’s more to it, however, when you aren’t really blocked, but … Continue reading

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“What Goes Around…”

A week ago I spent a fine spring morning skiing Breckenridge. It was sunny and warm, and I was already tired and a bit sore from hitting the slopes pretty hard the day before at Keystone. By noon on Friday … Continue reading

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“New Moon”

The past lies in Earth’s shadow; each day waned to memories of light and brightness, promises and dreams fulfilled or waiting still.  Sinister moments may hide there in the left hand of darkness.  The soul-eater has, perhaps, devoured all that … Continue reading

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