“Take My Advice”

I’ve had a “forced” hiatus from my writing the last week or so.  Chronic sinusitis now and then sidelines me to the point that I can’t think past changing the channel.  After a couple of doses of my favorite antibiotic, I was actually thinking about my storyline again today. Instead of writing, however, I took a little time to visit some of the tips for writing I’ve gathered in the last few years.  I should have done it sooner.

Even though I taught Creative Writing several times, I’m a relative newbie at prose fiction, especially novel-length prose.  I’m a bit of an introvert, too, so I’m more of an observer than participant in life.  Because of that, writing dialog is my nemesis.  I harped at my students to “Show; don’t tell.”  Dialog, I told them, is the story ALIVE.  I can preach.  I’m still learning to follow through myself.  Twenty minutes this afternoon with some of the tip sheets I have collected the last few years has me a bit inspired to get back to it.

I had forgotten some of the tricks/tips I read again today.  My collection is mostly some short tidbits gleaned from Writer’s Digest, but there are a few others mixed in.  It really doesn’t make any difference what the source might be, my advice for you (and myself) is to now and then go back to class…read some of the advice that is abundant and mostly free.  We’re a good bunch, writers.  We don’t mind helping one another.  It’s out there.  You don’t even have to ask for it.

Just go look for it once in a while.

DrDan 04-17-2018

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