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“Once There Was a Zoo—A Fable”

Once there was a zoo. People like zoos. They like to watch the animals and reptiles and fish and birds and get to know about the animals that inhabit our world. This particular zoo, however, was special. It had only … Continue reading

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I have often told my students (in the past; retirement is fun!), that the best (and probably the only real cure for Writer’s Block) is just WRITE!  I think there’s more to it, however, when you aren’t really blocked, but … Continue reading

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“I See You”

I think the first time was very brief. The fall killed me soon after. Rushing in at the huge, hairy beast, trying to goad him over the killing cliff, I dodged a flailing trunk and myself went over the edge … Continue reading

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“By the Mark—Twain!”*

Although the final destination is well know, I had no charts to guide me as I pushed my little raft into the current of my life. I didn’t need the stars except as marvels to contemplate and stir imagination. Each … Continue reading

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“Back in School”

I had the pleasure this morning of speaking with a Creative Writing class at Creighton Prep.  Fun to be back in a classroom again for a while (and not have lesson plans to write, papers to grade, meetings to attend!). … Continue reading

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People who do not “create” often think artists are crazy. Poets, in particular, have often been accused through the ages of walking the earth on a slightly different plane. I think the difference between artists and the rest is merely … Continue reading

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“The Most Wonderful Nation”

I’ve only been to Memphis once.  Wasn’t there overnight.  Didn’t go to a bar.  I’ve never really been in a bar fight, but I’ve spent the last five hours in a bar in Memphis.  Bar fight.  Broken bones.  Guns drawn.  … Continue reading

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