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“Compose Yourself”

My life’s calendar has been that of schools since I was five years old.  Even in retirement it hasn’t changed much.  As a former teacher, this is still an important time of the year for me. I have former students graduating—from … Continue reading

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“In the Beginning”

I hated high school. Yep. I was in the Class of ’68, but it wasn’t Rydell High and I sure as hell wasn’t anyone noticeable, even in a class of 50. Hell, when graduation rolled around, I was tied for … Continue reading

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“Not Relevant Anymore”

I was born in December of 1950 and grew up in small towns in northwest Missouri. My family for generations were people who had been farmers, owners of small shops, and in service occupations. My grandparents made ends meet as … Continue reading

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Whata ya gonna do? Sit around and cry in your beer? Go ahead. Drink yourself numb. Eventually, for a little while, you’ll sober up. It is what it is. OK. It’s cliché. But truth usually becomes cliché. I tell people … Continue reading

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Every year (for the last 40+) at about this time I have had the same thoughts and emotions. It’s an occupational hazard for teachers of high school students, especially those who have been as fortunate as I have been. For … Continue reading

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“Bounded in a Nutshell”

I had the pleasure of reading to and speaking with a high school creative writing class this week. I really do enjoy the interaction with these kids and helping them to understand and appreciate creativity and expression. I have been … Continue reading

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“An Ocean of Wonder”

I was such a good-looking little boy (no way I’m posting a picture!). Just imagine: a skinny eight or nine years old, hair buzzed to sandpaper bristles—thanks, Dad—glasses with lenses so thick that I had perpetual bruises on the bridge … Continue reading

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“Clear Thinking”

When I graduated from college, I had it in my head that I wanted a motorcycle. I’d had one for a short time during my freshman summer, but I wasn’t making any money and had to give it up. In … Continue reading

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“These Days”

Listened to Jackson Browne the last few days. I’ve always liked his song, “These Days.” In the Intro he does on Solo Acoustic No. 1, he explains that he wrote the song when he was about sixteen years old. First … Continue reading

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“Into the Dark”

The dark at the top of the stairs held every demon of the boy’s imagination. Eighteen steps to the banishing light. Why was the switch at the top? He couldn’t climb all the way up there by himself! No matter … Continue reading

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