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“In My Life: Quarantine Contemplations”

I can still see resplendent sunrises…and jaw-dropping sunsets.  The stars so abundant in their blue-black blanket.  Smell new lilac and roses and fresh-mown hay.  Hear the first wren and spring and fall’s traversing geese and ducks and the quiet whisper … Continue reading

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“Holly and Ivy”

Heart explosion eruption It spills and splatters on everyone   Holly and berry Generations past and present show Green Across the spine of leaves Past and present inked in thorny verdance Blood courses leaf to leaf Pass it on pass … Continue reading

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This is my favorite time of the year.  I am a “solstice” person.  For me that means I celebrate in any way possible—Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Christmas, Channuka, Kwanza, Wednesday…. I think it’s part of my DNA.  I was born on December … Continue reading

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I have been living and loving my life the last year and have not written, it seems, in exactly one year, and the theme seems to be too freakily similar even for me!  Guess I don’t change much 🙂  I’ve … Continue reading

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“Tree Roots/Life Water”

Hello again! I seem to have taken my usual summer sabbatical. Today’s “fall weather” has me back in the swing of things, I guess. Here’s something I wrote yesterday. We’ll see if “Indian Summer” keeps me from doing more! “Tree … Continue reading

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“Lest We Forget” (05/23/2010)

I wrote the first version of this essay a few years before it became the memoir I have for you here. Although it is embellished a bit—literary license—it’s essentially all true.  Since 2010 more names have been added.  Some should be … Continue reading

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“Fallen Angels”

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with new ideas for writing.  One of the “exercises” I have found interesting and often fruitful is to write the “story” behind a visual or musical inspiration.  What work of art strikes … Continue reading

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“Compose Yourself”

My life’s calendar has been that of schools since I was five years old.  Even in retirement it hasn’t changed much.  As a former teacher, this is still an important time of the year for me. I have former students graduating—from … Continue reading

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“My Shadow”

I was very young when I first saw my shadow, a new plaything, a new friend like in Peter Pan, but it would be several more years before I knew Peter and his fantasy. I knew Peter’s shadow was there … Continue reading

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“Take My Advice”

I’ve had a “forced” hiatus from my writing the last week or so.  Chronic sinusitis now and then sidelines me to the point that I can’t think past changing the channel.  After a couple of doses of my favorite antibiotic, … Continue reading

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