“I Still Hear the Bells”

Sometimes when I wake up late at night, I can smell pine trees and fresh snowfall. I look out the window and the stars are like streetlights, lining the avenues of my imagination. In the chorus of the wind, I can hear the bells and the hoofbeats…and the “Ho, Ho, Ho.”

I believe.

I have to. In the consciousness of my reality, I waver, but when I let the silence in and listen to my heart, I hear the bells, and I know that I am Santa.

The peace in my world is believing in the innate goodness of all people. I don’t have to see to believe. I can feel it, but I do see it in the efforts of those who try so hard not only to better themselves but those around them—the people who ache for those who are struggling with their demons, with the vicissitudes of living, with their heartbreaking care for others. I want to embrace them, wreathe them in the warm glow of a Yule fire and a hot toddy and the companionship of loving friends…and a little elven magic….

I believe in presence as the best present. We must all be in each moment of our lives to live our lives to the fullest! If we can even come close to that, we will also be in the most precious moments for those we love as well as for those who need us the most. My best moments are those times when I come sliding down a chimney and find someone waiting in dreams for their greatest gift. Each time I am lucky to be there, I receive my best gift as I watch that recipient awaken to awareness, open to Self, and begin the most important journey to belief in him- or herself. They don’t even remember that I’ve been there, and that’s OK with me. I believe in me.

Of course, it’s easier with the little ones. They haven’t been taught to doubt yet…at least most of them. Unfortunately, today so many more seem to be learning about the empty bag, the missing tree, the reindeer in the zoo, the Mall Santa, instead of being allowed to know the magic. So…I see as many as I can and try to bring them back to belief. And I talk to their parents and teachers and hope to convince them that the best thing they can do is lead their little ones on to imagination and the sound of the bells.

It is depressing, I admit, to see and hear what is happening in the world today. Sometimes I can even feel myself fading away from the disbelief, the hatred, the misunderstanding. It seems as if the basic tenets of all the world’s great religions have been perverted to espouse and condone violence, hatred, bigotry, and intolerance. How my heart aches when I know that each of those disciplines advocates Santa—acceptance, tolerance, solicitude, love. I’d like to load the sleigh with bombs of compassion and drop them everywhere on Christmas Eve. Maybe I’d mix in some logic and common sense, too. Those definitely couldn’t hurt.

Do you hear the bells? Listen. How sweet the sound of the silver bells on the reindeer harness. See them prancing, eager to be aloft, bearing gifts and happiness and peace? They are the spirits of the world. I don’t need the whip, they are pulling so hard to be…Up, up, and away!

Happy Christmas to all. And to all a Good Night!

Daniel J. Cox

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