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  My life is haunted. In dreams come arms that held me Eyes that searched my face Lips that spoke of love and life and longing. Around me swirl eddies of memory… Life lived as more than one Promises found … Continue reading

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“I See You”

I think the first time was very brief. The fall killed me soon after. Rushing in at the huge, hairy beast, trying to goad him over the killing cliff, I dodged a flailing trunk and myself went over the edge … Continue reading

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“Father Figures”

I have never really seen myself in the role of Great Sage or Oracle. I know too well the mistakes I’ve made in my life—those moments when my head seems to be in a different country from the rest of … Continue reading

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“Life Road”

I don’t see much difference between good poetry and good song lyrics. My son is one of the best lyricists I know, and I marvel at Matthew’s poetry. It’s all the more incredible to me because he adds really good … Continue reading

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Sometimes I am reminded just how dangerous an education can be. Learning is the vehicle that can carry the human race far into the stars or deep into every imaginable hell, both literally and figuratively, but it’s the figurative that … Continue reading

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“Hire the Best”

I was in Tarkio recently for another “work weekend” as some of us from the Tarkio College Alumni Association continue to restore Rankin Hall. The main floor is looking pretty good—better than it did in the early ’70s, I think. … Continue reading

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“Roads Taken: Hitching Home”

A prompt for my writing group was to recall a road trip and write about some aspect of it.  One trip in particular stood out for me.  The following is the collected Facebook/Blog posts from January 20-February 14, 2014, that … Continue reading

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