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“Morning Meeting”

Gregg Aldus was fuming. The sun was in his eyes as he crawled eastward with the morning rush hour traffic (talk about an oxymoron—there was plenty of rush, and more than an hour), and his sunglasses were on the hall … Continue reading

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“Leader of the Pack”

In the pack everyone and everything is valued—the young, the old—they all have roles to play. The Alphas lead until they are no longer able, but they aren’t driven out but cared for until they’re gone. Those who leave are … Continue reading

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I grew up with heroes. They were all around me. Oh, sure. I read about Superman, Batman, Thor, Green Arrow, Submariner, Aquaman, The Flash, Captain America, Wonder Woman, and all the rest of those guys, and got to watch some … Continue reading

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“What Goes Around…”

A week ago I spent a fine spring morning skiing Breckenridge. It was sunny and warm, and I was already tired and a bit sore from hitting the slopes pretty hard the day before at Keystone. By noon on Friday … Continue reading

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I think it’s most likely that as long as humans have had conscious thought, the ability to wonder, we have questioned the possibility of an afterlife. Every religion and most philosophies with which I am acquainted speak of it. Paths … Continue reading

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“Not My Memories”

He seemed to be rising, but he could be falling. There was no direction. It might have been that the sleep was simply sloughing from him like snakeskin, revealing consciousness. He didn’t remember falling asleep. He didn’t remember…. Sand. Now … Continue reading

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“Roads Taken: Hitching Home”

A prompt for my writing group was to recall a road trip and write about some aspect of it.  One trip in particular stood out for me.  The following is the collected Facebook/Blog posts from January 20-February 14, 2014, that … Continue reading

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