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“Summer Hiatus”

The last few months have been very productive for me as I’ve attempted to write something Monday through Friday to post to my blog and my Facebook “Author’s Page.”  It was a challenge at times to come up with something.  … Continue reading

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Get your copy!!

Remember that my book of poetry is available online from Amazon and  In Omaha you can get a copy at The Bookworm in Countryside Village or at The Pizza Shoppe in Benson (where 100% of the proceeds go to … Continue reading

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I think it’s most likely that as long as humans have had conscious thought, the ability to wonder, we have questioned the possibility of an afterlife. Every religion and most philosophies with which I am acquainted speak of it. Paths … Continue reading

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“Back in School”

I had the pleasure this morning of speaking with a Creative Writing class at Creighton Prep.  Fun to be back in a classroom again for a while (and not have lesson plans to write, papers to grade, meetings to attend!). … Continue reading

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People who do not “create” often think artists are crazy. Poets, in particular, have often been accused through the ages of walking the earth on a slightly different plane. I think the difference between artists and the rest is merely … Continue reading

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“On Writing The Wolves of Evanheir and Naming Names”

Writing this story has been quite an event for me. I have loved fantasy literature since I was quite young, but I never saw myself as someone who wrote in the genre. Of course, I didn’t see myself as a … Continue reading

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